Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Making this worth my while

Every morning I log on to my Sitemeter to see how many hits I got overnight. Sitemeter is a pretty nifty thing, because it tells me how many people have been visiting, what part of the world they're from, and how they got here.

So far today I have one hit. Based on the domain name and time zone I believe it was from Australia, possibly the central portion. The hit was from a Google search for "richard lewis" mauritius birds. Google's #1 result for this search string is...here!

This is great! Obviously this person wasn't searching for information about actor/comedian Richard Lewis. I'm afraid my site doesn't provide any real information on the Richard Lewis who was involved with the Captive Breeding Center in Mauritius, but I hope that this visitor found his or her way to Gareth's Another Chance To See site and continued the investigation from there. Good luck!

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