Wednesday, October 20, 2004

How to tell you live in a hotly contested area

With so many visits by the candidates to Northeastern Pennsylvania that I think the Secret Service probably has code names for every pothole on the highway, the fact that one of the Vice-Presidential candidates is not coming back in the last two weeks of the campaign is actually considered a news story.

From the WNEP website:
Cheney Not Making Campaign Stop Here

One candidate who's not dropping by the area this week is Vice President Dick Cheney. Newswatch 16 was told last week by Scranton officials the vice president would campaign in Lackawanna County this week.

We are now told by the Bush/Cheney campaign there are no plans for an area visit by the vice president.

Oh, well. His loss. The trees are finally at the peak of Autumn color. Their beauty might have warmed his cold, hard heart.

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