Sunday, May 23, 2004

I hate computers

At least, I hate them when they don't work right. I hate mine right now.

No post yesterday, because my computer went south Friday night as I trued to do a spell-check on the 3 Brix Shy post (luckily, I remembered my oath and saved the post as I went along). That turned into a series of failures, and a series of ham-handed attempts at repair...once I thought I had my system stable, I decided it was time to finally load Norton SystemWorks 2004. Big mistake.

Something went wrong during the install. Maybe I have a virus. Maybe it tried to load to a bad part of my hard drive. Whatever, the install worked only partially, but now between 99% and 100% of system resources were being chewed up by Norton. I tried an uninstall...after a few attempts, I got the computer clean and functional. Then, like an idiot, I tried to install again...

My obsessive nature, and my personal philosophy of "If at first you don't succeed, apply more force" meant that I went through this cycle several times, resulting in a non-functioning partly uninstalled program that keeps insisting I activate it within the next 15 days.

I'm trying a few solutions. I've gotten enough resources freed up to let me use the Internet. Maybe I need a new PC...I've had this one for 4 years, but it's a 1999 model. Not ready to give up yet though. I'll keep trying to fix it. I don't want to keep hating my computer...


Anonymous said...

This is D.B. Echo, author of this blog. I have no idea why the message "This blog does not allow anonymous comments" is appearing on the comment page - I DO allow anonymous comments, and I'm posting one right now to see if it will take. If it works, please be a dear and sign your comments in some way.

- D.B. Echo

Anonymous said...

"No post yesterday, because my computer went south Friday night as I trued to do a spell-check on the 3 Brix Shy post (luckily, I remembered my oath and saved the post as I went along)."

I have always found amusement in cases where misspelling happens most often in comments about spelling in general. But that's because I love to nitpick at the strangest things.

Damn crazy Californians - I've always said. Always dot your T's and cross your I's!

As for computers in general, there's a quick fix to any misbehaving computer. Make sure it is plugged in. Run a bathtup full of water. Grab a hold of it firmly. Submerge computer into water. Go to and buy a new computer. That will cure any ailment known to any diseased and infected computer - guarenteed. A little pricey, but well-worth the effort.

Blog On!
-The Queen of Spades-

"Don't Lose Your Head"

D.B. Echo said...

That's too funny. I had to re-read it half a dozen times before I spotted the spelling error. And that's on top of all the times I read it before I posted it.

Wait...that's actually a bicycling term for straightening out bent wheels. That's what I meant to say. It's just a very obscure construct.

Anonymous said...

Ocne I saw an e-mial taht allegeldy says as long as the fisrt and last lettres of a word were there, anoyne wolud be albe to raed the wrods jsut fine in a setnence.

Raelly makse you wodner abuot seplling mistkaes, and how mnay you atcually cacth - deosn't it?

D.B. Echo said...

tta'hs rlleay olny ture for sroht wdors. Ocne you bgien uinsg oubcrse or leognr pabiolllsyyc teiooglmnrny the oaiigrnl caaechrtr seecunqe beeocms eeelmtrxy oaeubcfstd.

I hope I didn't screw that up, or the Queen of Spades will have my head.