Monday, May 31, 2004

Adding a few links

I've added a few links to my sidebar, including links to some of my favorite blogs. Maybe now I will start to feel like a member of the Community of Bloggers!

The first link is to one of my own articles, "A little bit about me", the second entry ever posted to this site. I'm hoping this "About the author" link will help any newcomers understand where I'm coming from. It will also simplify things when I direct people to this site.

I've also started adding links to other people's blogs. I'm not sure what blogger etiquette is here, and I haven't actually gotten permission from any of them to do this. If any of them decide they don't want me to link to them, I will certainly remove the link.

The first is to Camilla Henrikke's site, Camilla is from Norway. She was the first blogger I ever began reading regularly - and this is as much due to her frequent site redesigns as it is to her actual content. Camilla redesigns her site about once a week, sometimes more often. Her designs are always beautiful and artistic. It's also very interesting to have a window on the opinions and thoughts of someone in another part of the world. It helps that her blog is in English!

The second link is to Sammie's blog, Sammie is from Australia. Her designs are also beautiful and artistic, although she changes her layout far less often than Camilla. Sammie's posts are usually more lighthearted and funny, and she's attracted a crowd of regulars who tend to join in the fun. Her posts are also in English, but it's that strange form of English unique to Australia and, I think, New Zealand.

The third link is to, a more serious blog written by my friend Bill. Bill's blog tends to focus on issues of faith, society, politics, and baseball. Bill and I have nearly diametrically opposite views on a lot of topics, including religion and politics. He's the only one of these three bloggers that I know personally. We have our differences, but we have always been civil in our debates, and I hope we stay that way through any blog/counterblog stuff we may go through.

I'll probably add more links as time goes by. But check out these blogs, and see what you think!

P.S. I've also added a SiteMeter counter to this blog. I think. Maybe I didn't do it right. We'll see if anyone is actually visiting!

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