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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Headless Rabbits: Germany

I saw this on CNN's website today:
German police probe animal beheadings
BERLIN, Germany (AP) -- Police are investigating who might have decapitated scores of animals and drained them of their blood* in a west German city, a spokesman said Thursday.

Over the past year the corpses of 21 rabbits, three chickens and four wild birds have been found headless in and around the city of Bochum, police spokesman Volker Schuette said.

Police have formed a special commission to investigate the grisly discoveries, but so far have no clues about who may have killed the animals.

Hmmm...too bad they haven't Googled the words "headless rabbit". They would have been led to the world's leading authority on headless rabbits, at least as far as Google is concerned. Based on reports from around the world, I believe we may be able to suggest a description of the culprit: about 18 inches long, tail, pointy ears, whiskers, sharp bitey teeth, fondness for catnip, cheezburgers, and inexplicably biting the heads off rabbits...

*"Drained them of their blood"? An interesting detail. I wonder what this is based on? If a cat kills an animal by breaking its neck, and then bites the head off, will blood come pouring out? Or will it stay in in the veins and arteries, not pushed around by the pumping action of the animal's dead heart? Could this be mistaken for being "drained of blood"?