Tuesday, June 05, 2018

The Understudies

The yard and garden, of course, are full of things that I never planted. For example, deadly nightshade.

Deadly nightshade is a persistent weed, easily pulled out, quick to regrow. It is a vine that climbs everywhere. It has beautiful flowers and beautiful berries, much beloved by birds. Every part of it is poisonous.

This particular nightshade vine is growing on a blueberry bush. I probably should pull it off before the blueberries ripen.

I've been seeing a commercial for a weed killer that promises to kill a broad range of weeds - including clover. I've never heard of clover being considered a weed. I know that it is added to grass seed mixes because it helps to fix nitrogen from the air and fertilize lawns. Unsurprisingly, the weed killer company also sells lawn fertilizer. You'll need it after you use their product.

When I spotted this rosy-pink cluster of Dutch clover while mowing the lawn this weekend, I intentionally avoided it. There pictures were taken on a roughly six inch by six inch patch of unmown lawn. The tall grass tended to steal the focus away from the clover.

Most of the clover in the yard is white.

Wild strawberry is also surprisingly common. Like the wild grapevines that are such a nuisance, the fruit is small, made up mostly of seeds (a single large seed in the case of wild grapes), and is not especially flavorful.

More clematis flowers are opening each day. From what I read, it sounds like I may need to leave this trellis in place permanently. (Disregard the plastic-wrapped half-bale of straw in the background.)

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