Saturday, April 28, 2018

First lawnmowing, and grape hyacinths

It was supposed to rain today,and I was sorely disappointed all day yesterday that I wouldn't be able to mow the lawn. What the hell is wrong with me?

As it was, we had heavy dew last night, but the rain wasn't supposed to hit until midday today. It hardly seemed like there would be enough time for the dew to burn off so I could mow part of the lawn before the rain hit. But it was still sunny and warm by noon, so I decided to chance it. I pulled the mower (with last year's gas still in the tank) out of the shed, cleared out whatever sort of nest had been made under the deck out of leaves and bits of foam from an old egg crate mattress that had been used years before for insulation in a cat shelter, fired it up, and started mowing. I got about two-thirds of the lawn mowed, everything but the front. By then the tank was nearly empty, the dark clouds were rolling in, and it seemed like a good time to stop.

I spotted some flowers I wanted to photograph, along with some interesting fungus, moss, and lichen. I went inside, got my camera, sat down on the freshly-mowed lawn, and managed to get a photo of some grape hyacinths that I would swear weren't around my cherry trees yesterday...

...when the camera shut down and displayed the words BATTERY EXHAUSTED.

Ah, well. I guess now I will have to count on there being another sunny day soon.

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