Thursday, September 16, 2010

Things that make you go hmmmm....

Two things seen about the neighborhood today, both mentioned in a previous post:

This is a truck belonging to (well, used by - I have no evidence that they own it) the neighborhood skanks who are the leading "persons of interest" in the theft of the copper water and heating pipes from my house, among other local crimes.  The "I LOVE SCRAP" bumper sticker is from a local scrapyard belonging to a prominent local family.  The scion of that family, long troubled and drug-addicted, went berserk a few years ago and was the subject of a days-long manhunt.  I wonder if he's still in prison?  If not, I wonder where he's living now?

White unmarked contractor's van parked across the street from my house.  I watched two individuals - fifty-ish and twenty-ish white males - stand on the front porch and knock on the door for a while.  Later I saw the front door was open.  (I think it's open in this picture.)  I never saw them leave, and never noticed if they left with a vanload of copper pipes.  I should have checked the license plate number, but didn't.

Bonus third thing:

I took this picture a while ago but just downloaded it from my phone today.  Used to be that truckers just wanted girls to flash them their breasts as they drove by.  Now they want to know Age, Sex, and Location.

TITLE REFERENCE:  Catchphrase from 1980's late-night host Arsenio Hall, later turned into a song.

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