Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Even more

So in addition to the new demands on my time that I wrote about a few posts back, I am also spending quite a bit of time with Homer, the cat who is recovering from surgery.  He needs to wear an "Elizabethan collar," one of those plastic funnel thingies, whenever he is unsupervised, but the E-collar makes it difficult for him to eat.  And his barrage of meds also tends to make him not want to eat.  So the home-from-work routine now is:  go directly from work to the house across town, spend some time there inspecting both sides for signs of break-ins, head over to my mom's house, put out food for all the cats but Homer, go into Homer's isolation room, remove Homer's collar, cuddle with him a bit (that's his favorite thing), set out food and coax him to eat and drink, give him his meds and replace collar after he is done eating and drinking, then feed the outdoor cats and do whatever else needs to be done.  Tomorrow morning is garbage pickup, so that meant hauling out all the garbage before bed today.   I haven't been getting to bed before 10:30 lately.

Tomorrow it's supposed to rain all day.  I'm hoping I don't have to deal with any basement or street flooding.

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