Monday, September 06, 2010

Return of The Disappeared

Back at the end of June, as I was recovering from a totally understandable attack by a feral cat, I noticed that one of the bloggers I had been reading on a regular basis for a while had disappeared.   I imagined a few reasons why she might have chosen to remove some (but not all) of her online presence, but I didn't know the real reason.  I realized I had a surprisingly large number of ways of getting in touch with her, including a MySpace page that I had stumbled across sometime earlier.  But most of the email addresses I tried bounced off, and a message sent on MySpace garnered no response.  I figured I had hit a dead and.

Geez, does anyone use MySpace anymore?  I keep my page up out of inertia, but I rarely look at the email inbox anymore.  Besides, I think all of those messages are supposed to be relayed to my regular email account, and all I ever get there from MySpace are fake friend requests.

Today I checked my MySpace account.  I looked at the inbox and it was filled with crap, as usual.  But five messages down there was a month-old message from a familiar name.  It began:
Thanks for being concerned!!

Im doing well.

Here is the story for why I left.
She went on to give a perfectly reasonable and perfectly ludicrous reason for shutting down her blog which involved a request from her new husband which, it turns out, was made when he was completely asleep.  But she has not vanished from the web!  She has started a new blog, and I have some catching up to do.

Bullshit Aces

From her introductory post:

Ace is the nickname my husband gave me when we first started dating because of a tattoo I have. When most people see this tattoo they think Im a poker snob when in reality Gambit from Xmen has been the star of my dirty dreams since I was a little girl.
Thus explains the name of this blog...

My husband calls me Ace.

On our first date I could tell he was trying to impress me so I asked him what the Hebrew word for 'bullshit' was.

Bullshit Aces is easier to read than שטויות

And the moral of the story is:  MySpace is good for something, once in a great while.

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hedera said...

So glad to hear you found your friend! (I never check MySpace either...)