Monday, October 08, 2007

My Big Hot Columbus Day

There is no way in Hell that the thermometer in front of the local schools should read 90 degrees on October 8. That's just ridiculous.

Today was Columbus Day, but I wouldn't have known it except for the large number of people who were wandering the streets of Wilkes-Barre. I was there to buy some curtains, and I also picked up two pillows in a "buy one get a second for a dollar" sale. The curtains look nice: a rich burgundy for the front room, light emerald for the three windows in the middle room, and a darkish beige for the kitchen. I also got another beige set for the kitchen windows on the other side of the house, and some sheers for the windows on the doors. In another store I got some mini-blinds for the attic windows. I'll start the installation process sometime tomorrow. One of the pillows will get a field test tonight.

I met with some friends this afternoon at a fairly authentic Irish pub/restaurant called Kildare's. Sadly, the sign for Paddy Whiskey on the wall was just for show; it is still unavailable for sale in the United States. The food was good, better prepared than anything I had while I was over there, and I am sure some of the spiciness of the foods would have knocked a few authentic Irishmen on their arses. Next time I go there I may try the Irish Stew.

Afterwards we went to Cold Stone Creamery. The ice cream there is good, but definitely overpriced. I think there is some sort of lifestyle surcharge that is included in the price. You're not just buying ice cream - over $5 for two large scoops, when you can get a half-gallon (well, slightly less than a half-gallon) for $1.99 at Wegman's. For a few dollars more you get to briefly partake in the community of people who go to a Cold Stone Creamery. Is it worth it? Eh. If you're the sort of person who will stand in a long line at a Starbuck's for vastly overpriced coffee that smells like it was left on the burner too long, I suppose you might think so. Still, the ice cream is pretty good.

After that I got home and my mom told me a story that will form the basis of my next post.

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