Saturday, October 06, 2007

It's curtains for me

I need to buy some insulated curtains for the "storage" side of my house. This is the unoccupied, unheated half of my double-block house - actually, an entire house in itself, one which until early last year had a family of three adults and two late teenagers, plus three dogs. They all smoked - well, not the dogs, they did other things which left stains and odors throughout the house almost as offensive as their humans' smoking habits. I've gotten rid of many of the odors, but the house is still mostly stripped bare - no window treatments of any sort in most rooms, except for the thick plastic film I taped over them at the beginning of last Winter.

One of the nice things about having a job is having discretionary income once again. I can see an ad for curtains, or for clear window insulation, or for other things that would be good to have but which would not be absolutely necessary to have, and I can say, Yeah, I think I'll get that. So when I got a flyer from a local department store and saw that they are having a sale on curtains, it seemed that maybe now would be a good time to get them. And so on these four days off, I think I will.

Odd title note: The title is based on a line from a TV pilot I saw back in the late 70's. I believe it was called "A Dog's Life" and one of the stars was Joe Piscopo. Everybody wore dog costumes with exposed faces and painted-on noses, and the only "humans" were off-screen voices. The sets were big and cartoony, as was the acting. The entire pilot was built around the overheard phrase "It's curtains for Rover" (or Fido, or whoever), and for the rest of the half-hour show the other dogs thought that this dog was going to be put to sleep. In the end it turned out that the humans were putting curtains in the dog's doghouse. Yay. It was as stupid as it sounds, but it must have traumatized me very deeply. I remember seeing it on the IMDb a few years ago, but it seems to be gone now. Anybody else remember it?

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Todd HellsKitchen said...

Glad things are looking up and you can buy the things you like... I found a non-aerosol citrus spray in my local drug store that I like...

Meanwhile, I vaguely remember that Piscopo show...

I'd forgotten all about it!