Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Gray day

Today I had planned to mow the lawn here. It hasn't been mowed in nearly two weeks, but it isn't too tall yet.

Two things got in the way of this plan. First, today is the day I take my mom grocery shopping, at least whenever I'm off. She gets a kick out of her 5% Senior Citizen's discount, which is only offered on Tuesdays. But I got off to such a slow start getting ready today, checking the morning blogs and whatnot, that we actually stuck around to see the 11:38 AM launch of the Space Shuttle Discovery.

When we left the house I discovered the second reason for not mowing the lawn today: it was raining.

It was still spritzing on and off when we got home from shopping and a quick side trip to my house a few hours later. I settled in for more time on the computer and some IM chats. Along the way I also made some lamb and barley soup, which was (and still is) delicious.

A Plan B (or maybe Plan C) for today involved going out to photograph the brightly-colored Autumn leaves before they fall off the trees. Unfortunately, the weather was not particularly cooperative here, either.

Tomorrow my mom has a nerve block scheduled, which means I'll have about two hours to kill between the time I drop her off and the time I pick her up and take her to our traditional breakfast at Cracker Barrel. (She needs to fast starting at midnight tonight, and probably won't get done with her treatment until after noon.) Maybe if the weather is as sunny and clear as it was during my four days on-shift I will wander around the area for two hours taking pictures of the flaming foliage.

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