Friday, October 05, 2007

Goodbye, hello!

Camilla Henrikke's was the first blog I ever read on a regular basis. I found it in a strange way, sometime in mid-to-late 2002. Back then Camilla was still posting photos of herself regularly, photos that she named with semi-descriptive captions. The range of captions she used covered so much territory that for a while it was difficult to do a Google image search on any term without finding one or more images of her. After coming across image after image featuring the same pretty, dark-haired girl, I decided to take a chance and follow one of them back to its source. The source was

I was a little confused the next time I visited the site. It looked completely different just a few days after my initial visit. I quickly learned that in addition to being a blogger, Camilla was also an extremely talented and creative graphic artist who redesigned her website with dizzying frequency. (Go here for a gallery of her designs for the site. I believe I came in at version 57. Version 60 is my all-time favorite.) This, coupled with her pictures and her writing, had me hooked. I became a regular visitor and, very soon, a regular commentor.

Five years later I still visit every day, at least every day that I'm near a computer. Even with the limited time available to me on work nights (I get home around 7:00 and need to be in bed around 9:00), is part of my nightly ritual.

So I was a little concerned when I stopped in yesterday and saw this:

NOVEMBER 16, 2007

Then I scrolled down to the bottom of the page and saw this:


Things change. Sometimes they change for the better. I'm looking forward to seeing what Camilla will be doing with her new site. At some point I'll have to revise my sidebar links to point to Be sure to check it out for yourself!


Anonymous said...

Funny, I ran into much the same way, just a year or two before you, I think.

jmarbas said...

Hey Harold,

Its me jerry :)...its 2:38am and im in the office doing something for tomorrow...when suddently i decided to google some reviews of her waaaaay back..and then came upon your link to this page... hmmmmm the memories...the time passes by... i remember that time...and now its 2 years later =///

Hope things are well.....take care buddy...say hi to her for me the next time you chat... gotta go back to work =/