Monday, September 24, 2007


I've been neglecting my other blogs. NEPA Blogs has a few more sites to be added, courtesy of submissions in the comments. A Blog of Nanticoke - well, there was at least one topic I intentionally held off posting about, and it turns out my reticence may have been well-based; but there is another city-wide yard sale coming up in a few weeks that I should post about. I have more stuff for A Monkey in the Garden, tales of groundhogs and opossums and grapes and butterflies, but I just have to recast it all into a form that stands by itself. And Unknown Failure...well, the computer problems I (and my friends) have had since my last post there have eclipsed all the problems I wrote about before.

But not now. Now I have to get my lunch together and start to get ready for another four-day shift.

(And be sure to check out Lisa's Beyond the Needle. I may have been neglecting her quilting shop website, but she certainly hasn't!)

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