Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Do Not Call List deadline is September 15 (sort of)

I'm a little confused by this. The deadline in Pennsylvania to get on the state's "Do Not Call" list that officially prohibits telemarketers (with certain exceptions) is this Saturday, September 15...if you were among the first people to sign up for the Do Not Call list five years ago, because the list is only good for five years and your participation will lapse if you don't re-sign up every five years.

Rather than trying to thrash around and explain all this, I'll just direct you to the Pennsylvania Attorney General's site, which somehow managed to snag the address (Unless this site is able to determine which state you're in and send you to that state's Attorney General's site, which would be a little scary.) Better yet, just go to the article on the Attorney General's site about the Do Not Call list here, or you can really cut to the chase by going to the Do Not Call FAQ page directly.

Bonus! For information on the national Do Not Call list, go to

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Jennifer said...

OK. Here's my story about the Do Not Call list. We (the TV station I work at) did some stories a couple weeks ago about the deadline coming up. So, of course Tuesday night is when some woman decides to call and ask for the number. Says she can't find it online or anywhere. So, I do a search for the Pennsylvania AG's office (I also wonder how they got that web address!) and started to give the woman on the phone the address (remember? she said she couldn't find it online). Anyway, I start giving her the address, and the woman says (no lie), "Oh, I don't have a computer." Which, I suppose, explains why she couldn't find the number for the Do Not Call list online!