Thursday, September 20, 2007

Anybody know where I can get a clicker?

We all know what they are. We've all seen them, and some of us have used them. Little clicky counter things, like the one Ben Affleck used in this commercial I saw when I was in Ireland. (In the U.S. there was a less-funny version starring Nick Lachley.) I think they were once used as inventory counters back before we had computerized inventory systems and wireless barcode scanners. I've also seen one used by a doorman at a club, though I'm not sure why - the number of people in line at just one of the three bars on the top floor exceeded the posted maximum occupancy for the entire club.

But where do I get one? I want to use it to count the number of Trick-Or-Treaters I get on Halloween. From poking around online I have a feeling I might need to check out a sporting goods department or store, though I don't know why they would have them there. Anybody have any suggestions?

CLARIFICATION: I should have said "Other than the Internet, where can I get one?" Call me old-fashioned, but I like buying things in bricks-and-mortar stores. Plus I'd like to avoid shipping and handling charges for such a small, trivial item.

UPDATE! Thanks to the Internet - specifically, the websites of bricks-and-mortar big box stores - I have found TWO counters! Staples has one for $11.99, and Dick's Sporting Goods has one for $9.99. Office Max and Gander Mountain don't seem to know what I'm talking about. I'd rather go to a local office supply or sporting goods store, but all of them seem to have gone out of business.


whimsicalnbrainpan said...

Where do you go to get anything and evrything? Amazon or Ebay. Maybe a place like Office Max or Staples would have it.

Anonymous said...

We use them for one test in the lab (which would be prohibitively expensive to automate). You might try a lab-supply catalog. Keep that in mind as a last resort, tho...everything marketed to hospital labs seems to cost 500% over what you'd pay to Walmart for a similar item.