Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Scenes from the Fall Festival

Some scenes from the Fall Festival held in the basement of the former St. Mary's school in Nanticoke, PA on Sunday, November 6th 2005.

A woman contemplates the Get Well Soon basket (top level with copper-orange bow.)

More baskets, more people.

A winning ticket! Those three cherries on the top ticket tell the world that I'm a WINNER! I let my 50-cent winnings ride on two more tickets - one of which was also a 50-cent winner! The next two tickets were losers, and I slunk back into the shadows.

Even I took a chance on winning my own personal Pope.

The crowd waits in breathless anticipation as the winning numbers are announced for the Chinese Auction. Note the girl on the left who is using her cell phone to call her mom and tell her that they have won not one, but two copies of the prize designated "Collector's Item #1", an autographed vinyl record album from the early 1970's by local Polka star and parish member John Stankovic of the band Stanky and the Coal Miners. Too bad, as she announced to the gathered crowd, they don't own a record player!

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Lauren said...

Ha ha! I would've put in for the pope too. :)