Friday, November 11, 2005

Sammie as The Crow

A while back (a year or more ago) Sammie from posted a picture of herself with cold cream covering her face, creating a perfect canvas for some industrious fan to Photoshop KISS makeup onto her. Nearly a month ago she posted a similar photo with a challenge for someone to repeat the trick. Two days ago one of the regulars at her site finally posted a completed image. (It is, unfortunately, no longer accessible.)

I took the liberty of going in a slightly different direction and used Sammie's white face as the basis for a version of the makeup from The Crow. I smeared the white around to make the coverage a little more complete, and then dyed her blonde hair black. I think my completed image looks a lot more cheerful than the tragically late Brandon Lee's Eric Draven. I'm posting it here because I have no easy way of delivering images to Sammie's site. I hope she gets a kick out of it!

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