Thursday, November 10, 2005

Form of: A chair

I broke my computer chair, finally.

This was a simple "task chair", the most basic and common sort of chair found in offices. I bought it in the late Summer or early Fall of 2000 - I remember Al Gore and George W. Bush were holding a debate as I assembled it. It served me well these past five years, although it started to fall apart pretty quickly. I was leery of buying a task chair because coming from an office/factory environment, I know that task chairs tend to break easily and often. I have seen countless numbers with backs loose or broken off, arms falling off (in models with arms), and seats broken from the base of the chair.

My chair didn't have arms, but the back became loose a long time ago and had to be constantly retightened. The back pad broke free and was held in place by two pieces of lightweight rope. Finally the seat began to have a little more flexibility than seemed appropriate, and a quick peek under the hood indicated that the seat was almost completely broken free from the base - a few more wiggles and I would be unceremoniously dumped on the ground, or worse. (My computer desk is a round glass top about four feet across on four wooden legs. I blog dangerously.)

I found a replacement chair at OfficeMax. It is item #2088-4438, the Fabric Executive Chair. It is comfortable. It has a high back that is actually designed to tilt. (Backs on task chairs are not designed to tilt . This is one reason why they break.) It is $79.99, about the cost of one color and one black ink cartridge for my printer.

And it is out of stock.

I might try another OfficeMax closer to where I work. Or I might try ordering one online, but that will take time to deliver. So in the meantime, my computer "chair" is an unfinished wooden stool whose seat is nearly at the same level as the keyboard. Oh, well. Maybe I should look into ordering online...

UPDATE: I just ordered one online, using a Visa card and the security ID number thingie from the back of another Visa card. (Actually, it was my ATM card with a Visa logo on it. The two cards look almost identical.) doesn't provide a way to correct this online, or even to cancel and resubmit my order. So now my chair delivery will be delayed as it is scrutized for suspicion of fraud. #*$%&@!, as Redeye's Mother Hooch* might say.

*According to King Features Syndicate, this charater's name is Granny. But I'd swear I remember her being called Mother Hooch thirty years ago.


marc said...

Trust me on this pal, when it comes to chairs, you get what you pay for. Take your time and search online. Finding that perfect chair is a kind of Holly Grail for back and spinal relief. My biggest complaint at the old work place was just how lousy the chairs are.

D.B. Echo said...

Actually, I really like the chairs at work, and have searched long and hard for something comparable for under $500. I have used and abused my chair at work for over five years and still don't have any problems with it.

Teigra said...

My goodness, this reminds me of my three-year dream to buy myself a new computer chair. Hey, what the hell are you doing typing on glass? Don't you spill things constantly like I do? Do you spend all your time cleaning--THAT EXPLAINS IT! You're inhaling cleaning fumes at all times, which is why you're so... so...


I DON'T KNOW, but it sounded good in my head as I typed it.

I'm sending you good luck preformed by an ancient drunken Irish/German ritual. It is very sacred and involves a keg.

[[[sends good luck]]]