Friday, September 30, 2005

A plague of fruit flies

We have had fruit flies in my house lately. A lot of fruit flies. At first I had assumed that they were attracted to some of the residual fruit from fruit baskets that some people had thoughtfully sent after my father's death over a month ago (and I thank you all for all that you did; formal "Thank You" notes are currently being written.) But that fruit is long gone, and the baskets have been cleaned and set aside. There is no rotting fruit sitting around my house.
I was at my cousin's house last night helping her make cookies for her niece's birthday party this weekend, and we were bothered by some fruit flies. She complained about them having been around the house lately, and another friend who was helping us mentioned that the Chinese restaurant where he sometimes eats lunch has had a lot of fruit flies lately.
I brought this up at work, and it turns out that someone who works here has been having fruit flies in her house, more than 30 miles from where I live. And her husband noticed them at the place where he gets physical therapy done, and the other people there said that they have them as well.
So it's not just me. I wonder what's going on?

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