Monday, September 26, 2005

Fair weather

It's Bloomsburg Fair time again, which can only mean one thing: rain.

It always rains for the fair. We can be going through an extended drought, and as soon as the Bloomsburg Fair rolls around you can count on rain. (I have often thought that the fair date should be moved around to historically drier parts of the year, so that the fair-related rain will fall when it is needed most.) This year the rain is actually the remnants of Hurricane Rita. So in a sense I guess all that mess with the evacuation and the drowned cattle was our fault. Sorry.

I went to the Fair yesterday and got some photos, which I haven't gotten around to transferring yet. So you are being treated to my previously unpublished photos of last year's Fair, which happened to be the 150th anniversary of the Bloomsburg Fair. (It didn't rain on us yesterday, and we didn't get rained on last year. I guess I'm just lucky.)

I like the Bloomsburg Fair. It's my only real chance each year to see ducks and midgets and carneys and the World's Smallest Horse and eat fried Twinkies and hear a jug band and see Native American Art made of toilet-paper tubes and think about what sort of person would dream up deep-fried pickles.

Sadly my favorite ducks in the world, the vertically-spined Indian Runners (the original model for Donald Duck) were not represented at this year's Waterfowl Exhibit. So I must console myself with this photo of Indian Runners from last year.

It seems to be fair time all over. See here for Lauren's account of her adventures at the Durham Fair! Llamas and a Livestock Costume Parade? Sounds like fun!

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