Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Here I go, like a chump

The movie version of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy failed in two important ways:
1. It failed to please fans of the Hitchhiker's Guide radio series and books.
2. It failed to please people who were not fans of the Hitchhiker's Guide radio series and books.
The DVD is going on sale for $16.99 (much less than the list price of $29.99) at Best Buy today. Like a chump, I'm going to buy my copy as soon as I get out of work. The widescreen version.
I think before I beat myself up too much over this, I should review my review of this movie and remind myself of why I said "Actually I quite liked it."
In other news of planned purchases, The Kamandi Archives, Volume 1 was supposed to be released today, but Amazon now lists it as being rescheduled for release on October 1. For those of you not familiar with Kamandi, this was a DC Comics series created by the great Jack "King" Kirby back in 1972. It was essentially a Planet of the Apes ripoff, with semi-mute barbaric humans and anthropomorphic lions and tigers and apes and snakes and giant grasshoppers and enormous bacteria and hostile giant bats and manipulative Misfits and Mutants who could turn to steel by touching their hearts. The title character was "The Last Boy on Earth", although he wasn't, really, and he cut quite a homoerotic figure with his long blonde hair, bare chest, jeans shorts, and leather boots. I had three, maybe four issues of it when I was a wee lad. My cousin had one issue that was a part two to my part one, and I coveted it greatly. Now I'll be able to own the complete series, in hardcover, starting with the first ten issues. Too bad the Revell ad on the back cover of one of the issues for a Komodo Dragon model (complete with a Macaque monkey - according to the ad, "the Dragon's favorite meal!") won't be included. Oh well. In any event, I'll have to wait until at least October 1 to be parted with my $32.99 (a 34% savings over the cover price of $49.99!)

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Teigra said...

Hitchikers had its good parts, yeah, but as a whole... I did not like it. The humor was amusing, though. Sometimes. Only sometimes. Rarely.