Sunday, June 05, 2005

Letting go

I wrote the original of this as a response to a posting on someone else's blog, but that particular posting and my response to it have since been crumpled up and dropped into a Memory Hole, to find their way to the incinerators located deep in the bowels of the Ministry of Truth. Here it is, in slightly revised form:

Two weeks ago today, with less than twelve hours left in my beloved dog's life, I sat in a darkened theater and listened to a computer-generated muppet talk about the importance of letting go. It was something I needed to hear at that moment in time. It is the reason I am not wracked with guilt over doing something so selfish and frivolous as going to the movies while both my dog and my uncle were on death's doorstep.

How to let go is an important lesson to learn. Someday I hope to learn it.


Super G said...

I'm not sure it is always about letting go. May it is just letting yourself take a break. (I think I'm terrible at it myself, I have to force myself to walk away from work lots of time).

PS I don't know the ultimate I-II plots. They could be victims of the success of the earlier series. Jedi's were a lot cooler when they weren't super human (like jumping off a speeder and flying down to land on some other speeder out of the blue). Like the difference between Batman and Super Man.

Betz said...

Super G gave me alot to think about here. I had not thought thru the part where they are now superhuman. (Jedis I mean) And yes, I do prefer Batman to Superman as well.....

Anonymous said...

We have always been at war with Eurasia and Eastasia is our ally!

Sorry for deleting the post. I really wasn't sure what you were getting at and you were catching me on a particularly sensitive topic.

The comment, (stolen syntax and all:) ), works better on your blog, anyway.