Monday, June 20, 2005

Last chance to see...

...the band Blue Sundaze, that is, will be at O'Brein's Pub in Avoca, PA this Friday, June 24 from 9:00 PM to 1:00 AM. I'll let you hear it straight from The Clucker's beak:

dear everyone,
i hope you are all well. i apologize for the lack of email notices (which, ive heard from a fair few, are enjoyable to read :o), but we've just been finishing up our european tour (actually, we have been busy playing private parties in avoca and pittston... and thats not the pittston in uzbekistan, thats the one here in PA.)
fyi- this may be the LAST SHOW we do!!! we're trying for a few more, but they may not pan out. so if youve been waiting for a good time to come out, this may be it!! ;o) and now, without further ado, here are the top 10 reasons NOT to come check out BLUE SUNDAZE at OBRIENS PUB in avoca THIS FRIDAY JUNE 24th from 9:00-1:00...

"you guys play too late!" well, that may be true... but on FRI JUNE 24th we start at 9:00!! (thats 9PM eastern time, all our west coast fans need to calculate the time change... if youre not bright enough to work it out on your own, our physicist-drummer may be able to help you out).

"i dont like bars." yeah?! so?! neither do i!! its good to do things you dont like! it builds character! "awww... come on..." NO WHINING!!! "damn hen-guitarists..." I HEARD THAT!!!

"i dont like music." what ARE you?!?!

"im tired of seeing the same four people playing in the band at every gig!!" boy, THATS a retarded comment! but ok- at OBRIENS this FRIDAY the 24th at 9, our virtuoso percussionist will be en route back from canada, so we're gonna be sporting a guest drummer! we just confirmed his appointment yesterday. who is it?? come and see!!!

"i dont like that music you play... like the beatles, u2, CCR, jefferson airplane, radiohead, and neil young..." you are REALLY starting to ruffle my feathers... literally... but we can probably talk ray into singing some backstreet boys or something lame like that... ::as ray books a one-way flight out of the northern hemisphere::

"look, i really just dont like bars... theyre smokey and stinky and..." YOU AGAIN?!?!

"uhh...i have a dental appointment..." AT NINE o'CLOCK AT NITE ON A FRIDAY?!?!?! im a hen, not an idiot!!

"i dont know where obriens pub is..." easy fix! its right on the main road in avoca- cant miss it. or, check our humble e-abode for directions:

"ill just catch you next time..."
you may not get the chance!! THIS MAY BE OUR LAST GIG!!! the bands resident chicken will be going to school in august and none of us will ever play in a band again! in fact, john is gonna be so sad that hes gonna set his bass on fire and then shave his head, don a pair of wooden sandals, and join an obscure group of zen-buddhists over in nepal, ray is gonna smash his 12 string ric into his amp and in an angry rage thrust himself into the mercy of our massive, blood-thirsty and obsessed crowd, derrick is gonna become a raging drunk selling physics to people on the cruel streets, and NONE OF US WILL EVER BE THE SAME AGAIN!!! (seriously- i hope this isnt our last gig, bc this band is SO much fun and REALLY good... but either way, we'd love to see you all there on friday...THIS FRIDAY the 24th from 9-1 at OBRIENS in avoca.)

and now for something completely different...
~cluck, derrick, john, and ray from blue sundaze

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rimalicious said...

Love it. Too bad I'm in California. Well, not realy, but in this instance, it can be.

Betz said...

I laughed out loud when I read this. I'll be sorry to see Blue split, and I'm happy I got out to see them the few times I did. :)