Sunday, June 26, 2005

Conjunction junction

If you can, check out the after-sunset conjunction of Venus, Mercury, and Saturn tonight (June 26, 2005) and tomorrow night (June 27, 2005). The three of them make a very tight pattern low on the western horizon as soon as the sunset twilight fades to darkness. Distant Saturn will quickly slip back down into the post-sunset glow in the coming days, so you can't put this off. (Surprisingly, Mercury will hang out in the vicinity of Venus for a week or so, so this will be a good opportunity to see Mercury using Venus as a guide - if you missed it last time, this is an even better chance to see it. There is also a great matchup of the Moon, Venus, and Mercury coming up on July 8, so mark your calendars now!)

Unfortunately, weather conditions are causing the nights here in Northeastern Pennsylvania to be very slightly hazy, with the haze thickening as you approach the horizon to the point that even Venus's burning-diamond brightness is blocked. That was true last night, but I will try to see it again tonight.

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