Sunday, January 30, 2005

Another Monkey's Greatest Hits, Volume 1

Note: Click here for information on the musical group The Monkees. Please note that the band is spelled with two "e"s and no "y".

I'm still getting a lot of new traffic from people searching for a particular string I've mentioned in previous entries. I've decided to take this opportunity to introduce myself to new visitors and re-introduce myself to repeat visitors. I've also decided to present a list of "Greatest Hits" blog entries from the past eight-and-a-half months.

So, why Another Monkey? The answer is here, at "Another monkey with a blog!".

You can learn a little more about me here and here. "The Scientist" is a pair of stories of me as a little boy and me as a graduate student that will tell you some more stuff about me.

I've done some painting and photography. You can see some of my earliest paintings of a rosebush outside of my house here and here, and a photo of the same rosebush here. Some vacation landscape photos are here - one is called "Sunset through a chain-link fence", the other is "Sunset over bridge into Stone Harbor". All of these images are clickable, and lead to larger-sized images.

Here is an entry on The Rock of Cashel, a castle/fort in Ireland. Here is a photo of The Rock of Cashel, and here is a painting of The Rock of Cashel based on a small area of that photograph.

I have a photo of and entry about the band 3 Brix Shy here. The drummer and one of the guitarists from that band later formed another band with two other people called Blue Sundaze. A cool photo of the band, and links to more photos, can be found here.

Some theological musing can be found in the entry "God is a dancer".

"Look! Up in the sky!" is about satellites visible in the nighttime sky, and includes a link to Jack Horkheimer's site. "Aurora!" is pretty self-explanatory.

I do blog entries about other blogs every once in a while. Camilla Henrikke's, Sammie's, and Bill's Industrial Blog get discussed here. Fran's Funky Blog-o'-Love and Jen's Virtual Jen are discussed here, where you'll also find some musings on the tone set by various blogs. Even more blogs are discussed here and here.

When the weather permits, my dog Haley and I go for walks around Nanticoke. Stories of my adventures walking with Haley can be found here, here, here, here, and here. "Aurora!" technically falls into this category, too.

Ooh, those political blogs. See all of October 2004 and much of November 2004 for my political blogs. In October I was trying to keep to a two-entry-a-day schedule, trying to drum up support for my candidate. (It didn't work.) The roots of my political blog activity can be seen here . My post-vacation political activity is obvious in my blog entries starting with August 21, 2004. As I live in a hotly contested area of a hotly contested state, all of the major candidates, their wives, running mates, friends, and running mates' wives' friends made campaign stops here. The campaign blogs, including reviews of the debates, go through late August, September, and October 2004. The Red State/Blue State/Purple State map is discussed here.

I tried to write about September 11, 2001 here, but failed. I wound up actually doing it here.

My thoughts on Wal-Mart are here.

Here is a one-sentence blog entry that manages to communicate an entire story.

I am a huge Douglas Adams fan. You can find a bunch of good Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy links here. Here are some thoughts on the "Tertiary Phase" radio show. I'm also a big fan of his and Mark Carwardine's book Last Chance To See, and its tales of the Kakapo, the Northern White Rhinoceros, and other endangered species and people like Richard Lewis, Carl Jones, and others who have dedicated their lives to trying to pull these animals back from the brink of extinction.

A friend of mine and I invented the holiday season of Hallowhog, which stretches from Halloween (October 31) to Groundhog's Day (February 2.) If you haven't sent your Hallowhog cards out yet, you only have a few days left before you're technically early for next Hallowhog!

Finally, the entries which have generated so much traffic: the ones about Cathy Baker and Hee Haw. Here they are, in chronological order:
Hope you found something here worth reading, and I do hope you come back again sometime! Thanks for stopping by!

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