Saturday, January 15, 2005

Cathy Baker and the Hee Haw meme

Most of the hits I've gotten over the past day or so have been Google searches for the string "cathy baker hee haw". I don't know what's odder: the fact that so many people are searching for this, or the fact that they're coming to my site as a result. (I'm currently the 19th most popular site for this string. At least I'm not the most popular site for "whores in Iceland".)

I wonder if this is just a demonstration of the influence of the Hee Haw infomercial. Even typing in "hee haw infomercial" gives 875 hits as of this writing. I wonder if this sort of thing is used as a measurement of advertising effectiveness?

By the way, here is the official Hee Haw site, and here is the biopage for the cute-as-a-bug Cathy Baker.


Chloe said...

I'm sorry, but this does not beat the Google search for "Visine on nipples", which my blog turns up as the very first result, specifically, this page: the 'Visine on Nipples' post.
I've since become fascinated with unfounded myths about Visine, boosted by episodes of "CSI", because of this 'phenomenon'. hah.

(Note, you will now be part of the "Visine on Nipples" search results... very soon, because of this comment. hahaha!!)

D.B. Echo said...

OK, "visine on nipples" is more interesting than "cathy baker hee haw". But how many people search for "visine on nipples"? And what sort of people would search for "visine on nipples"? And is there a relationship between how many times I mention "visine on nipples" and how highly Google ranks my site for searches for "visine on nipples"?

Oh, and by the way: visine on nipples.

Chloe said...

Yes, I think there might be a correlation with how many times the words are mentioned on a page. Though I think Google filters that out to an extent... In order to prevent people trying to commandeer a phrase, such as "Cathy Baker Hee Haw", by just putting up a page of nothing but that phrase on it, over & over, hundreds of times. I think there's only so much you can do to manipulate Google, or only so far you can take it.

Chloe said...

You know, I hate to have to be the one to inform you... But yes, you definitely have generally lower Google rank than I do.
I confirmed this pretty much by checking out your Site Meter referral stats, and comparing them to my Site Meter referral stats.
My daily average is 91 right now, whereas yours is 15. And believe me, I don't have 76 more regular visitors than you do.
It becomes obvious that my Google rank must be higher when you look at the volume of hits I get referred to from Google, and usually the first page of results for the searches.
I counted up the referrals from Google, and I had 50 for January 26th.

And for my entire domain... According to my domain stats, for the entire month of January so far, "Top 30 of 2716 Total Referrers", says that 2,155 of the visits were referred by Google. (2,155 out of a total of 10,277 visits). (Mind you this is my entire domain.)
The following is my current list of domain "Top 20 of 480 Total Search Strings"
1 90 10.64% chloe
2 42 4.96% watermelon
3 24 2.84% al green
4 18 2.13% zissou shoes
5 15 1.77% punch audio
6 14 1.65% zissou sneakers
7 13 1.54% life aquatic adidas
8 9 1.06% adidas zissou
9 8 0.95% team zissou shoes
10 7 0.83% nilly vanilly
11 7 0.83% sock puppets
12 6 0.71% women of starbucks
13 5 0.59% steve zissou sneakers
14 5 0.59% team zissou adidas
15 5 0.59% team zissou sneakers
16 5 0.59% zissou adidas
17 4 0.47% Watermelon punch
18 4 0.47% adidas life aquatic
19 4 0.47% earth shoes walmart
20 4 0.47%
Almost all of these search strings lead to the NEPA Whirl-Mart site, because that's where the "Team Zissou Adidas Shoes" post is. haha.

Geez, this reminds me, I need to redo the Al Green Sucks page for my friend Rose. That site is SO old. But it's #1 at Google for a search for "Al Green Sucks", with or without quotes.

I've heard people speculate that Blogspot might be nerfed in Google's rank. So that's a possible explanation as to why my site might rank higher than yours. Another, even more likely explanation, is that my site has been around longer than yours. I've had on-line for 5-1/2 years now.

Chloe said...

By the way, I'm now on Page #4 of search results for a search for merely the single word "Visine"! That's clearly ridiculous, of course.