Friday, January 21, 2005

One down, 1460 to go

So now we're one day closer to the end of the second Bush term. Will the country survive? Will the world?

It's amazing how someone who made the word "Liberals" into an obscenity could give a speech whose central theme is "Liberty". Perhaps he's too stupid to realize that there's a connection. More likely, he and his handlers simply don't care about the irony.

I heard that there were some televised images of water cannons being used on protesters. There is a brief mention of it in a Los Angeles Times article reprinted in the local paper, but a Google search is coming up empty. In subfreezing temperatures, a water cannon is a deadly weapon. Why isn't this being more widely reported?

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Anonymous said...

i like when they thought/said outloud "maybe we should have our 40 million dollar party a little bit more low-key this year" becuase of the war and the tsunammi.
that was funny. did you ever wonder what the **** they could they spend 40 million on? turduckens? the amount of excess of this is embaressing.
if you're not embaressed by what this administration is doing then you're not watching.
also, i recommend
it is really an engrossing story that i never would have thought of. also, look for the paper mache' hitler being burned and paraded around....where else have we seen a paper mache political leader being burned in more than one country?