Wednesday, January 09, 2019

Changes coming, maybe

I've maintained a post-a-day schedule since sometime last March. I wanted to see if I could get back into the habit, which I had fallen away from for several years. The experiment has had mixed results. Some of the posts have the feel of filler posts, though those may turn out to be significant to reconstructing this part of my life someday. Some posts were image-heavy, which felt great, until it turned out that I had uploaded the images in an unstable way, and now have a lot of broken images that need to be replaced.

My mom is recovering from knee surgery this week. The hospital she's in is half a mile from where I work, which is convenient for me. But my visits with her mean that I'm getting home hours later than usual. And there's still plenty to do with the house, and the cats. Tonight is garbage night, which means cleaning out the litterboxes completely (not just removing used litter) and hauling everything out. Today also saw me making an emergency trip to the grocery store, since I managed to simultaneously run out of every type of canned cat food. I'm only halfway through the garbage, and I should be getting to bed soon. I'll be lucky to get five hours of sleep tonight.

So, as this goes on, I may need to dial back the daily posting, We'll see.

Oh, before I forget: Yesterday I began the process of undecorating the outside of my house and my mom's house. Everything is down at my house, which is now set up for Valentine's Day, and everything is off the front of my mom's house. Shortly after I finished, a line of thunderstorms blew through the area. In their wake came much colder temperatures. We shouldn't get above freezing until sometime next week.

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