Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Let's see. The big cow on Route 309 known as Three-O-Nina got a fresh coat of paint this weekend. I applied a little myself. I've got plenty of photos that I need to sort through, resize, and post. I've also got a lot of great Three-O-Nina links and information, including a news segment from last year that covered a lot of its history.

Yesterday there was an earthquake in this area. It was centered in a little place called Mineral, Virginia, but its effects were felt north to Canada and south to the Carolinas. While most in this area are treating the event as a joke, folks living closer to the epicenter experienced some actual damage. And Californians may sneer at the East Coast overreacting to a little 5.8-magnitude quake, but, as anyone who has read about the New Madrid Fault knows, seismic waves propagate differently through the "old and cold" geology on this side of the Mississippi. If everybody west of the Rockies were to feel rumbles from every earthquake that happens out there, I doubt anyone would actually stick around very long.

Looks like NEPA Blogs may be breaking into the world of "old media": thanks to the efforts of Michelle Davies we may have a weekly 90-second segment on PA Live!, an upcoming local show that's been scheduled for Oprah's old slot, and we'll almost definitely be doing a weekly half-hour show on WFTE-FM, a local community radio station with an admittedly limited broadcast coverage range - unless you count the internet simulcast! I just blocked out a sample program and sent it to Michelle for her input. Our first show might be this Sunday! Next: a weekly newspaper column. Hey, why not?

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