Thursday, August 25, 2011

Repainting Three-O-Nina

A few weeks ago a friend let me know that the Boy Scouts were planning to repaint Three-O-Nina, the giant cow that stands along Route 309 in Wilkes-Barre Township. (Or is it Wilkes-Barre itself? Why is it so hard to find a map online that shows these boundaries?) I tried to spread the word in advance on Facebook, and then posted an announcement the day before here on my blog. When the big day came, unfortunately, I found myself heading out to the big cow on my own, armed with my camera.

Turnout was good, as far as I could tell. I eventually did manage to connect with one of my friends, who was out taking her kids school shopping. The three of them stopped by and joined in the fun.

There was even some coverage on the local news, which was good. Sometimes it seems like local news is all car crashes, house fires, robberies, murders, and political scandals. It's nice to see something like this get some air time.

Yr. hmbl. blogger delicately rolls on some paint. This was my second go with the paint roller. Earlier I had laid down some white paint in various locations.

Three-O-Nina is somewhat famous. She was featured in a Parade magazine list of roadside attractions across the U.S. She's also listed on, in a list of giant cows on the Roadside Architecture site, and is spotlighted on (looking very ominous at night!)

Here's a great little locally-produced piece about Three-O-Nina:


Todd HellsKitchen said...

She looks like a happy cow!

Anonymous said...

She looks magnifique!

Now you can add bovine restoration to your resume :)