Monday, June 07, 2010

I'm now a published author!

...sort of. You know, not counting this blog, Another Monkey, which is read by dozens (even scores) of people every day in many parts of the world, mostly people wondering "What ever happened to Cathy Baker from Hee Haw?", "What is the js3250.dll and why did it just make Firefox crash?", and "Why is there a headless rabbit in my yard?"*

Pick up a copy of the June 2010 issue of Smithsonian magazine. Turn to page 15. There, in the upper left-hand corner, is a comment from yr. hmbl. blogger, dazzlingly positioned right above the spine and skull of a dinosaur!

Yep, pretty much just like this.

I was advised of this a while back via e-mail:
I am writing in regards to a recent comment you left on the Dinosaur Tracking blog on

I've always wondered what kind of conclusion might be drawn by future (perhaps non-human) paleontologists who unearth the remains of a museum and find skeletons of many species of dinosaurs gathered there. Perhaps the dinosaurs lived in these buildings, or worked there? Finding that they apparently crewed seagoing vessels will confuse matters even more.
- April 13, 2010

We enjoyed your comment and will be publishing it in the print version of our magazine. We have a page in the print version of the magazine called Your Smithsonian that spotlights the best user-generated content on our Web site. Your comment will appear on that page in the June issue of the magazine.
Go out and get a copy of the June 2010 Smithsonian magazine and see for yourself!

*Actually, a quick check of my current entry page ranking shows that twenty of the last hundred visitors entered through the main page. Only five came because of the Firefox bug, five for information on headless rabbits, and three in search of information on Cathy Baker.

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