Saturday, June 05, 2010

Other places, other posts

You know, keeping up a post-a-day pace can get a little tiring - especially when I'm doing posts to other blogs at the same time. Here are links to the other posts I've done in the last twenty-four hours:

NEPA Blogs: June 10, 2010: Uncornered Market - LIVE in Scranton!
Uncornered Market is a fascinating blog documenting the world travels of a couple with ties to Northeastern Pennsylvania. On Thursday, June 10, they will be appearing live and in person at a bookstore in Scranton. Unfortunately, I am scheduled to work that day, but if you can make it you definitely should!

A Blog of Nanticoke: Church closings in Nanticoke
I've been documenting the church closings and consolidations in Nanticoke pretty well here on Another Monkey, but I've been neglecting to post anything on my Nanticoke-centric blog, A Blog of Nanticoke. This post covers not just the consolidation of Nanticoke's Catholic churches, but also the closure (or suspected closure) of churches from a few other denominations as well. For good measure I mention the closure and/or destruction of several other Nanticoke institutions, and the one successful business I've seen open recently.

NEPA Blogs: Gas Drilling Awareness Coalition
After updating the sidebar list on NEPA Blogs to include blogs posted by fellow blogger Gort, I discovered an e-mail from two weeks ago requesting a listing for this blog on one of the hottest local topics: natural gas drilling.

Here are some things I've posted to Facebook that you haven't seen if you're not friends with me on there:

"The Final Blow" by Eric Joyner. I have loved this painting since the first time I saw it in a book at Barnes & Noble. A full-sized version can be found as the third image from 2003 here:
Here's a blog post about the book:

A discussion of the cadmium paint used on McDonald's Shrek Forever After glasses led to one of my Facebook friends reminiscing about an old trick involving dissolving teaspoons made of cadmium - a fun and highly toxic prank! Here's an article from Popular Science on how to make non-toxic versions of these spoons yourself, at a price only several times higher than making them out of solid silver:

Harley Newman - I met him at the Sideshow Gathering last year, and he is absolutely the nicest person I have ever met. Courtesy of Paul Szauter (a.k.a. Doctor Wilson), who comes in a very close second!

Here are two articles on the environmental cost of the BP Oil Disaster in the Gulf. Not for the squeamish - but you should read them anyway. The most heartbreaking picture I have seen so far was on CNN, I think, of a pelican or other large bird in an oil slick in the surf completely covered by a blanket of oil, struggling to get out. But BP is trying to protect us from these disturbing images by using their control of the local police to keep photographers away - and to prohibit anyone with access to these areas from taking pictures.

Via David Gergen:
Charlie Riedel Photos of Dying Birds Put New Focus on Oil Spill - AOL News
(June 4) -- AP photographer Charlie Riedel\'s pictures of dying, oil-coated birds on a Louisiana beach reawakened public outrage about the BP disaster as no words could.

Via Bill Retheford:
BP Tries to Block Photos of Dead Wildlife Animals
For animal lovers, one of the most heartbreaking aspects of the Gulf spill is the oil-drenched wildlife washing up on shore. If you're too horrified to look at any photos, you're in luck — BP doesn... Read more of this post, BP Tries to Block Photos of Dead Wildlife, at

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