Saturday, February 28, 2009

Thirdday blues

I'm tired. Getting worn out. I'm sure I have all sorts of stuff to blog about, but I can't remember what. The evening of the third day of the rotation can be like that.

And there is a fourth day, which is great. I was worried that we might have had a one-day shutdown tomorrow. Money is good.

No rest after work tomorrow, though. On the way home I have to stop for gas, then pick up my mom and head with her out to my brother's house for a few hours.

Can't even sleep in Monday morning; I have to call AAA* first thing and have them give me a jump and/or tow to the service station near my house across town. Then I'll do some long-overdue maintenance work at the house, and maybe even take a nap for a few hours. Maybe I'll fire up one of the DTV converter boxes I bought with the government coupon and see how well they work without an antenna. (My guess is, not very well.)

Sometime during my four days off I need to take my mom's car for an oil change and then wash off the highway grime I've accumulated this rotation.

Today at work was not as chaotic as the first two days of the rotation but was still very bad, much worse than the previous rotations I've spent in this area. Plus I found out that on the first day of the rotation, something got messed up on one of my jobs that I should have noticed - would have noticed, if I hadn't spent most of the twelve hours that day running from system to system to clear alarms. I hope things get straightened out soon, before anything else gets messed up while I'm busy dealing with whichever piece of equipment is screaming the loudest.

*The American Automobile Association, of which I am a member, not Alcoholics Anonymous, of which I am not.

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