Saturday, August 30, 2008

Why I should not blog while very tired

Because I start to sound like a pirate.

Check out the labels to the post I wrote Wednesday:

I like the labels feature in Blogger. It was one of those blog features that most of the other blogging platforms had that the previous incarnation of Blogger was missing. One of the nice aspects of it is that it has an autocomplete feature: if I want to use the "Public Service Announcements" label, I just have to type "pub" (or "ser" or "ann") and it will present me with the appropriate label. So when I wanted to tag this post with "Yard and Garden", all I needed to do was type "yar" and it would have filled out the rest. But it my exhausted state I decided to type out the word "yard"...and my fingers lingered a bit on the "r" and the "d".

I'm gonna leave it, for now. Just in case I ever do some pirate yard work in the future. "Yarr, 'tis a weed! Avast, let me get my weed-popper and I'll send it to the deepest depths o' the compost pile!"

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