Monday, August 25, 2008

B.E.U.s spent, and a schedule change

I've spent this evening reading other people's blogs, and commenting on a few of them. So I've pretty much spent all of my Blogging Energy Units for the day.

I will say this, though: Is it just me, or is each McCain commercial more pathetic than the last? My opinion of this guy has gone down steadily since he began to campaign in earnest a few weeks ago. You'd think someone with a background like his would be able to do more than just run attack ads and try to drive wedges between factions in the Democratic Party. But, I guess that's what Karl Rove says to do, or the Karl Rove protege running McCain's campaign.

Not that the Repugs care for McCain at all, especially not the NeoCon/TheoCons who have earned the Party of Lincoln the name "Repugnicants." But they know that there is a good chance that the few moderates and left-leaners on the Supreme Court will be coming up for replacement in the next four years, and they want to make sure those seats are filled with more Thomases and Scalias and Robertses and Alitos. Repugs will, as they are fond of saying, hold their noses and pull the lever for a man they hate because they believe he will give them the prize they truly want: a lock on the Supreme Court. Anybody who votes for McCain out of spite will share in the blame if he wins and hands the Supreme Court to the NeoCon/TheoCon gang.


I need to start getting out of the house earlier in the morning. A lot earlier. I learned this morning as I was shaving that there is some new construction along my commute, and a helpful Variable Message board on the side of the highway informed me that the delay would be approximately 12 minutes - if the construction had already started this morning. Which it hadn't. Still, there were some moving traffic waves that propagated through the cloud of cars on the highway, possibly the result of construction miles away. We'll see what happens when construction along my commute actually starts.

Well, so much for that. As soon as I finished this post, I was inspired to write another one.


Super G said...


This the America. We love attack ads, especially if run against the Democrat party (can't use their real name because that might humanize them AND everyone knows they'd kill a baby in order to save a whale in a heart beat).

Sure Bush has killed the American dream and McCain's mental faculties are obviously challenged ... but it's all about that crazy socialist Obama (his name even sounds like a crazy middle eastern name. I bet he's a closet Muslim manchurian candidate - that makes him a Chinese Muslim candidate and sneaky too).

May be in the future science will be popular again and we'll choose to read about it from places other than conservative outlets or hear an outrage of the week from the radio/tv punditry.

Until then moderate your hopes my man, moderate your hopes.

Teigra said...

I spent the morning looking up McCain ads and I have to say, I too am sourly disappointed. I liked McCain as a person and still do to a point because of his outstanding war record, but these ad compaigns are really disgusting. Have you see "The One" and "The One II: Road to Denver"? Sponsered by McCain's compaign, they are possibly the most idiotic ads I've ever watched. I want five minutes of my life back.

Unfortunatley, this is causing some retaliation from the Obama side. A shade I do not like to see them in. Oh well, the political circle keeps spinning round, round, round again... but you still would have hoped by now they'd be above such things.

P.S. - been enjoying catching up on yours posts - you're quite entertaining. :-)

Bill said...

Super G:

Is your American Dream dead? I don't see the death of the American Dream. Nor the people I know.

McCain's faculties are just fine. But it's not hard to be conservative -- you just follow your conscience and you end up there.


Responsible for turning over the Supreme Court to ... you mean more Catholics? For all your complaining, the Pope, the vicar of Christ Himself, said voting for a pro-choice because he or she is pro-choice places your soul in peril. Heed the warning, and stop slandering the good people to justify intrinsic evil, which is what abortion is.

D.B. Echo said...

Bill, my soul is in fine shape. No more or less peril than ever. And while I'm not certain of the exact wording of the pope's statement, I don't believe papal infallability applies here. Besides, anyone who ever used a condom or a contraceptive of any sort is already on the express lane to Catholic Hell. The pope, and the Catholic Church, have been wrong on a lot of things. It's just human nature.

But why do you bring this topic up? I never mentioned it, though you may have chosen to read it into my statements. Standard disclaimer: I am not responsible for how you choose to interpret something I didn't write.

No, I am not warning about putting more Catholics on the Supreme Court, nor am I so obsessed with a single issue that I am viewing the entire camapaign through that lens. But I can't control how you choose to interpret your own perceptions of my statements, or anything else. Good luck with that.

Teigra, good to be able to read your writing again. I missed that.

Bill said...

Never mind, DB. I should have known you wouldn't have been able to connect the dots.

D.B. Echo said...

No, Bill. Your dots are as transparent now as they were in 2004. "Vote for the Democrat and you will get excommunicated and/or go to HELL!"

But the entire NeoCon/TheoCon approach to campaigns is based on fear and smear, isn't it?

No, forget I asked. There's really no point. But fearmongering won't work on some people, just like reason won't work on others.