Tuesday, August 26, 2008


We interrupt the rapid descent into the morass of politics to note this milestone:

Another Monkey has had its hundred thousandth visitor!

Now, granted, a few dozen of these visits are from me, all those times I couldn't figure out how to keep my own visits from registering. But at the same time it should be noted that there have been a few SiteMeter malfunctions - including the infamous August 1 incident, which forced many users to temporarily remove their SiteMeters. So this count is probably pretty close to the truth.

And visitor 100,000 came from Little Rock, Arkansas at 10:32 tonight searching for an answer to the question "what time can i see the 2 moons", a reference to the "Two Moons on August 27" misinformation that has made the rounds every year since the actual incident in 2003. (I don't call this a "hoax" for reasons that I explain here.) And it pleases me very much that visitor 100,000 left by way of a link to this page from NASA that explains the "two moons" issue very clearly. Somebody left my site knowing something they didn't know when they came here. That really makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.

And it also makes me happy just for having visitors! Thanks, everybody! Now, onward to one million!

We now return you to your previously scheduled political bickering, already in progress.

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