Monday, December 03, 2007

You hungry, You hungry, Your momma says you hungry...

This is just a bizarre little commercial for Hillshire Farm, maker of lunchmeat. I remember seeing it earlier this year and wondering how the hell these production planning meetings might have gone.

"OK, so there's this gal in an office..."
"Woman. Nobody says 'gal' anymore. It sounds like something you would have heard in
The Boatniks."
"The what?"
"Never mind. Go on."
"Well, there's this gal - sorry, woman - in an office, at her desk, and she's making lunch. A salad."
"A salad? This campaign is for a lunchmeat company!"
"Right. And the mail room boy - sorry, mail room person - pushes his cart past, chanting "Go meat, meat, go meat, meat..."
"That's pretty weird."
"Oh, it gets weirder. 'Cause then this other guy pops up from nowhere next to the woman and starts doing a rap about how much better her salad will be if she just adds meat. And then other people join in, and start tearing the office apart while they rap."
"Any casting ideas?"
"Well, I was thinking we would get the weirdest-looking people possible to play the parts..."

Another, sharper version of the commercial can be seen here as TV Spot #3.

UPDATE, 12/4/07: Upon further review, this commercial actually appears to be for a Hillshire Farm pre-packaged salad - "Just add lettuce and you're done." I never realized that before. So the things the woman is putting on her salad are probably not croutons but some sort of processed meat product. This commercial very nearly commits the typical clever commercial sin of being so clever that you have no idea what product was being advertised, but saves itself with the chant at the end: "When I say 'Hillshire' you say 'Farm' - HILLSHIRE!" "FARM!" "GO MEAT!" Still not gonna buy the product, though.

UPDATE #2: Dammit, the title should be "Your momma says you hungry". I changed it from what it originally was, which was "Your momma said you hungry."


whimsicalnbrainpan said...

I actually like that comercial. No idea why. Maybe because it's just weird.

OddAngelCharon said...

This is really weird.

So of course I'm showing it to absolutely everyone I know.

Thanks for sharing. :)

hedera said...

By the time I got here neither the commercial nor the Flaming Lips song was visible - copyright holders must be cracking down...

Your description of the commercial reminds me of the time we stopped over in Reno on the way home from Yellowstone, and at breakfast the next morning I ordered my travel usual: scrams, hash browns, and toast. I swear the waitress looked at me puzzled, and asked, "No meat?" I said, "Eggs are meat," and she looked ever more puzzled but gave up. This is now a riff that we use about Nevada.

D.B. Echo said...

Hmmm, that's odd. I can see them both right now. And I don't think it's because I've played them before - after Adam's "Crapped A Pineapple" bit disappeared from Fanatical Apathy, I couldn't see it anymore, even though I had already played it.

Remember, there are alternative pathways to both videos - the official but non-embeddable version of the Flaming Lips video, and the commercial on Hillshire Farm's

But why would copyright holders want to crack down on this content on the internet? Aren't they insisting that there is no measurable revenue being generated by internet content? At least, isn't that what they're telling the WGA?