Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Faked out on Calendar Day!

I didn't get to give blood today. My hematocrit level came in at 37, and it needs to be at least 38 for a donation. Maybe I've broken something by giving too much blood. Maybe I just need to lay off the bloodletting for a while. Maybe it's something else. I'll go suck a cow's veins dry and try again.

I hit the Wyoming Valley Mall straight after to check for calendar sales. Waldenbooks didn't have anything marked down to 50%, and while they still had two Astronomy calendars, they didn't seem to have the Terence Dickinson one, which they did have a few weeks ago. I only found one calendar kiosk elsewhere in the mall, and they only had a handful marked down by 50%. Barnes & Noble, outside the mall, had all their calendars marked down, but their selection sucked. The only Astronomy calendar they had had a star chart for each month - which would be nice, if I weren't already getting two star charts each month, one in Astronomy and one in Sky & Telescope.

At least the Hickory Farms kiosk in the mall was still open. 40% off processed meat and cheese!

If I'm stuck working tomorrow - and I still don't know for sure, they haven't updated the recording that tells us whether or not we've been cancelled - after work I'll go to the Borders in Dickson City and the kiosks in the Viewmont and Steamtown malls. (Neither of these malls has a bookstore anymore. I remember when the Wyoming Valley Mall used to have two bookstores. Now bookstoreless malls seem to be the norm.)

I'm continuing to update my link lists. I may have to start a second blog list - adding stuff to the bottom of an existing list is one thing this version of Blogger does not do well. I'll do writeups on the sites I'm adding as soon as I get a chance.


rimalicious said...

awwww, you're too sweet

anne said...

Hope your holdays are happy and peaceful!