Thursday, March 29, 2007

One Yellow Crocus

Springtime has come to Northeastern Pennsylvania, even to its cemeteries. After my mom and I spent the day out yesterday having my car inspected and serviced and buying shoes in Tannersville we made the long slow trip back home. "Slow" because the State Police have been out in force the past few days, stopping drivers for even the most minor infractions, so all traffic is scrupulously driving the posted speed limits. I already generally drive no faster than the posted speed limit, much to the annoyance of drivers behind me, but to have everyone on the road doing it is a little weird. On the way home we made a detour to stop at the cemetery where our family members are buried.

We were surprised to see that the Crocuses had poked their heads above the soil and opened up. My mom planted a few purple Crocuses a year or two ago and they have multiplied and spread. Somewhere along the line some recessive gene expressed itself and one of the Crocuses is coming up yellow. My mom pointed out that my grandfather's favorite color was yellow, although it should be noted that the yellow Crocus is located on the other end of the plot from his grave.

Daffodils are coming up on the side of my mom's house and soon the Irises will be in bloom. I'll have to divide out some of those roots and plant them over at my house. Next Spring there should be Daffodils and Irises coming up there, too!


whimsicalnbrainpan said...

Nice pic!

D.B. Echo said...

This is actually an extreme close-up from a picture I took yesterday. You can see slightly more of this picture at the bottom of the page on the NEPA Blogs site:
Even the picture there shows only about 3/4 of the total width and 1/6 of the total height of the original photo!