Thursday, March 01, 2007

Look, I'm on TV!

Oh, boy. Here's one of the articles on the changes happening at my former place of employment. If you click on the "Watch" button, you should get a video of a bunch of us hanging out at a bar a few hours after the axe fell. I'm the jolly fellow on the left. My friend and former co-worker Howard delivered a killer soundbyte that knocked us all dead. WBRE got the interview because they got to us before we had been drinking for very long.

Of course, the article still gets some of the fundamentals wrong. We did not work at an "Olyphant warehouse" but rather at what was once the foremost DVD Compression, Encoding, and Authoring center in the nation, at a facility that was one of the pioneers in the DVD industry. This article from WBRE's sister station WYOU also gets its facts wrong when it says "The workers are all part of the DVD manufacturer's warehouse and distribution departments". Umm, sorry, we were neither warehouse nor distribution. Honestly, where are they getting this bad information from? At least this article from WNEP is written a bit more circumspectly.

But let that be a lesson: don't believe everything you read, or see on TV. Take it with a grain of salt, even when it's "official" information.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Another monkey... This Howard that delivered the killer sound byte, Just wanted to see how you are doing these days.