Saturday, April 09, 2005

Scenes from the aftermath of a snowstorm

Here are some photos I took on the morning of Thursday, March 24th, the day after our last (I hope) major snowstorm of the 2004/2005 season.

We received at least seven inches of wet snow on the 23rd, but by the morning of the 24th this had packed down a bit.

It's hard to see in the reduced-size version of my photo (and even harder in this clickable thumbnail), but pretty much every surface is coated with several inches of snow - including the telephone lines that run along the top of the picture, and the right side of the pole (which formerly held a basketball hoop) on the lower right.

Neighborhood Posted by Hello

"My house looked like it had been coated with marshmallow fluff..."

Marshmallow Fluff Posted by Hello

"The clotheslines were sagging nearly to the ground..."

Backyard Posted by Hello

"Looking out at the somewhat round 12-to-24 inch chunks of snow, snow that would be perfect for making snowballs and snowmen, made me feel like I was walking in some nightmare landscape littered with the corpses of 1,000 snowmen..."

The (decayed) corpses of 1,000 snowmen Posted by Hello
(This photo was actually taken the Saturday after the snowstorm, March 26th, Holy Saturday. The snow had melted down a lot, especially on the road, resulting in this neat right-angle pattern of snowplow pile remnants. These piles had been two to three feet tall two days before.)

Today was an absolutely gorgeous day - warm, sunny, cloudless. I sat in my now snow-free Adirondack chair with Haley by my side and we enjoyed the fresh air and sunshine. It's hard to believe that these photos were taken just two weeks and two days ago.


Sammie said...

Wish we got snow here :(

D.B. Echo said...

My first Sammie comment! As far as I know.

I hope someday you get a chance to visit the U.S.A. If you come out in the Winter you could always start in sunny California (where the weather's always nice, except during mudslide or firestorm seasons) and end up in snowy Pennsylvania. Let me know if you ever do decide to come out here!