Friday, April 22, 2005


My 1996 Toyota Tercel hit 234,567 miles today. I happened to have my digital camera in the car for the occasion.

Odometer, April 22, 2005 Posted by Hello

And I'm still getting 35 miles per gallon or better.


anne said...

Congrats on reaching the 234,567 mark! Toyotas rule the road!

By the way, I saw that you linked my blog - thank you - and I linked yours as well. I don't think I get a whole lot of traffic (I really don't even know how to find out) but I hope my link will help in the boostage of yours. Did I just type "boostage"?

D.B. Echo said...

Thanks, Anne! Yes, I'm trying to direct readers to your site. The more traffic Almost Quintessence has, the better off the world will be! has information on how to add Sitemeter and other traffic counters to your site. It's nice to know how many people are visiting you and why, but it can become addictive, and you can get lured into trying to attract as many visitors as possible!

Super G said...

My brother-in-law bought my '87 Corolla, it has >200k miles, and he's still driving it to work every day because of the great gas mileage.

Betz said...

having seen another monkeys car "up close and personal" i am surprised the glass looked so clear. ;)

as always my friend my reading of your blogs today made me smile...and made me think. i shall use your link and go and say a thing or two to "til august"