Sunday, April 17, 2005

M.J. Simpson's Planet Magrathea is closed

I just clicked over to M.J. Simpson's Planet Magrathea to see what tidbits of Hitchhiker's Guide news he has to offer today and was shocked by what I hoped was a late April Fool's Day joke - his site is now closed.


He explains his reasons in a message on what remains of his site. But it seems to boil down to the same thing that has taken down other sites: he was sniped to death. There comes a point where even the toughest and best out there can no longer stand the anonymous vitriol that gets heaped on them by subhuman turds who have somehow figured out how to connect to the internet. Jay and Silent Bob may have been able to strike back, but most people don't have the ability to fly all over the world and beat the crap out of every punk who has ever attacked them anonymously.

Dammit, man. I understand your reasons, even though I've never been through what you've been through. I hope someday you'll reconsider and bring it back. I'm gonna miss your site a lot.

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