Sunday, December 19, 2004

Snow, glorious snow

Oh, it's a freakin' Winter Wonderland here. It hasn't snowed much, maybe two inches or so, but it was enough to make the roads dangerous. I had to crash my car into the curb twice in order to avoid sliding out of control down the street - and that's just on the road in front of my house.

And it seems that my windshield washer pump may have decided to stop working. Not a good time for that to happen. We'll see how things go tomorrow. I may need to take the car in for emergency surgery.

UPDATE: My windshield washer lines are full of slush. I suspect that ever since the local Jiffy Lube (where I have been taking this car for years with no complaints) has come under new management, they have been cutting costs by "topping off" washer fluid with water rather than the blue freeze-resistant stuff. Dammit. Now I either have to take my car to a local mall that has a heated parking garage and let it thaw out for a few hours, or I must patiently wait until outdoor temperatures are well above freezing long enough for the lines to thaw, and then I need to flush out what's in there and replace it with the good stuff. (Current temperatures are around zero degrees Fahrenheit - in Celsius, that's also pretty damned cold.) And then hope that I didn't have any ruptures in the lines caused by ice formation.

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