Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Hooray for late-night retailers

I got together last night for some drinks with a friend, and we didn't get done until 10:00. I was afraid I had missed my shopping window for yesterday, but it turned out that Best Buy was open until 11:00 and Toys'R'Us was open until midnight. I would have hugged everybody working there if they hadn't all been so surly and disinterested.

So I am now about 90% done with shopping, and about 0% done with wrapping. I think I need to get to work on that.

My windshield washer fluid finally thawed. I hesitated to flush the lines, as my Catholic school upbringing kicked in and started telling me about starving pagan babies who would gladly use the watered-down stuff I was throwing away, but I reminded myself that just 24 hours before it had been cold to the point of being painful and I had better take care of this while the lines were full of liquid.

Dogwalks are suspended for this week, as 1) I need the time, 2)I need the sleep, and 3)Haley and I would both probably have lost some extremities Monday morning if we had tried to walk. It was that cold.

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