Friday, December 31, 2004

New Year's Eve at home

I've decided to spend New Year's Eve at home. Since Tuesday I've traveled well over 700 miles and spent two nights in a semi-cheap hotel in Ohio. I'm a little worn out. While it would be fun to spend tonight at my friends' place in the Poconos, the thoughts of sleeping in my own bed and showering in my own shower are very appealing. Besides, I will be down early tomorrow morning for breakfast, bearing Christmas gifts and gin. (Hmmm, better start wrapping the presents!)

I hope everybody has a safe and happy New Year. While you're partying tonight, please spare a thought for the victims of the disaster in the Indian Ocean and the Bay of Bengal. And then maybe go to one of the reputable charity sites (like the American Red Cross or and donate for the relief effort. Also, see this message from author and longtime Sri Lanka resident Arthur C. Clarke for a list of international organizations that he recommends.

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