Wednesday, November 03, 2004


Still no clear winner, and maybe there won't be one until the absentee and provisional ballots in Ohio have been counted, which (by law, I have heard on the news) will not be for 11 more days.

I am disappointed. I was hoping for a Kerry landslide, something that would give a clear message. Instead we find ourselves wrestling in margin-of-error territory. Again.

The thought of another four years of Bush is terrifying. Another four years of America being viewed as a Christian Fundamentalist nation. Another four years of arrogance and swagger, all hat and no cattle. Another four years of Bush acting out his Book of Revelations delusions.

And at least two, possibly four or five, appointments to the Supreme Court.

Can America survive another four years? Can the world?

By the way, when does the Free World hold its election for Leader?

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