Wednesday, November 10, 2004

A misplaced comment

I'm trying to post a comment on a friend's site, for a posting from October 29. But for some reason I'm getting a "Comments not allowed" message when I try to post it. So I'll post it here.

I know it's 8 days after the election, and 12 days since this post, but the truth is never moot. You say:

"A vote for John Kerry will also reward the senator himself for his meretricious and deceptive testimony before Congress — testimony that Vietnam still celebrates in its museum in Hanoi for helping them win the war against the Americans. Thus, a vote for John Kerry spits in the face of honorable veterans. Thus, a vote for John Kerry is dishonorable."

Is this the museum display you are referring to? It's not in Hanoi, and it shows Kerry in a different capacity than what you describe. If you know of a museum exhibition like the one you describe, can you point me to information about it?

Or is it possible you were duped?

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